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Monday, April 14, 2014

"THE FACE OF LOVE" - A New Film Report

There speaks an old adage that a good script rates TEN; whereas actors rate only TWO. Viewing "THE FACE OF LOVE" brings this adage to bear. The story is silly-willy: A widow of five years-- still mourning her late spouse-- espies a guy who's his double. She begins pursuing him, and coyly ropes him into being her designee. While she remains smitten with how he captivates her with his face, he, the poor guy, falls vastly in love with her whole startling being... ..

Good Times and Real Life In The Housing Projects

The TV series "Good Times" did cover some aspects of life in the housing projects well. But the show didn't always portray those aspects realistically... ..

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

\"Noah": The Biblical Epic That Demands Attention

"Noah" is an important movie that demands thought. This article sums up the beautifully wrought spectacle that demands a big screen to appreciate. This movie will make you feel as if you should aboard the ark... ..

"The Lunch Box" - A New Film Report

Conjure up a housewife, who's a pretty good cook-- with a husband that's forgotten marital affection is something he provides. What does she do? Quaint wisdom has it that the secret to a man's libido is through his taste buds... And, in Mumbai, where she now resides, there moves a vast lunch service that feeds thousands of workers each day. The way it works is fantastic to observe: Every day, men on bicycles collect prepared lunch meals from restaurants as well as single chefs (mostly house wives); and through an archaic but effective system of conveyance these box lunches get delivered to folks working in the city... ..

Quirky Documentaries at Florida Film Festival 2014

The documentary features category at a film festival may be the greatest proof that truth is stranger than fiction. At Florida Film Festival, produced by Enzian Theater each April and held throughout Central Florida, a selection of quirky characters are included in competing and non-competing documentary programs. The following represent some of the most oddball feature-length docs included in this year's festival, exploring uncommon subjects, or in the case of The Final Member, exploring a common subject in an uncommon way... ..

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

15 Grossly Inaccurate Sci-Fi Hollywood Flicks

Big banners, glossy sets, lavish production values - Hollywood science-fiction flicks are almost invariably mega-budget affairs. While most movies in this genre rake in huge profits, not all of them can boast of being scientifically accurate. Let us here take you through some of the most inaccurate science-fiction films... ..

5 Ways to Save Money on Your TV Bill

Most likely anyone that you talk to is concerned about the rising costs of cable and satellite bills. Every year the costs increase, and people feel as though they have no choice but to pay for these high rates. They may not be aware of the other options they have to save money on their television entertainment bills. There are a few things you can do to lower or completely cut out your television bills and still be entertained... ..

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